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Hello World

Hello World

“Hello World” - exactly with the output of these two words on screen begins learning. It may be some programming language or new JavaScript framework. This phrase means the starting point cognition of something new. The output “Hello World” is almost the same as the first word spoken through the mouth of a baby, “Mom.” For this reason, I called the first post on this blog so.


People may consider developers are recluses. But nothing human is alien to them, as well as the commitment to society. For this purpose organized various events and forums. They have the same goal to help people find like-minded people. The alone programmer can’t be successful, and we are skilled only with the help of our community. JavaScript became so popular and used everywhere, only with its great society pushes.

This blog is also an attempt will integrate people interested in web development. Also, organize my own acquired knowledge, share ideas and opinions.

About what?

At the moment, my most significant interest is the front-end, as well as Node back-end and tooling. That is why there will be materials about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the Web in general. But nobody and nothing is not static, and there is a lot of exciting topics in programming, as well as outside it. Not far time ago I got the idea to start learning Python.

Here are the topics that will be present on the blog:

  • JavaScript
  • ES2015, ES2016, … ESnext
  • Modern and experimental Web API
  • CSS experiments
  • NodeJS as back-end and tooling
  • Open source contributions
  • Accessibility
  • HTML semantics
  • SVG use-cases
  • And a lot more things that I don’t know at that moment

The idea is not only to show knowledge of stuff I know but also to be not alone in the way learning new technologies.

What’s next?

Currently, the resource itself launched with minimal functionality. But as a developer, I have a lot of plans for its development. Functionality will grow to provide more features to make the reading process better. Materials about improvements to the blog I will publish here. Stay tuned, and it will be interesting!