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Vitalii is the JavaScript Engineer with rich Angular and NgRx experience in enterprise projects. For the last couple of years, he lives in Poland, but Ukraine will live in his heart forever. He is co-organizer of Angular Wroclaw meetup. This guy is not just nerd, but tech speaker, ngGirls mentor, and the father of the excellent little girl.


Speakers in UA (in Russian language).


Want to ask a general question? Either tweet me. Or write a personal message in LinkedIn.

If you have any issues or questions related to one of my open source projects, feel free to create an issue on GitHub repository.

To chat to me about something else such as a JavaScript / CSS / HTML, speaking or workshop event, writing a blog post, please email me: bobrov1989[at]gmail[dotcom].


All code you see here is free to use however you see fit, however corresponding GitHub projects articles may mention usually have an MIT license.